Local SEO is a great marketing channel if you are a small to medium size business that operates locally. Businesses that this refers to are hair dressers, mechanics, electricians, etc. This type of marketing will ensure that when someone searches in your area for your service you will be top of the Google search.

Why is Local SEO good for my business? If you rely on referrals or locals to keep your business profitable, this marketing channel will keep your options open. Local SEO makes you discoverable on Google Maps, and for search terms that include keywords like ‘near me’ or ‘closeby’. These types of searches are becoming more and more prevalent with the advent of voice search. This is when people use the voice search function on phones to find a ‘hairdresser nearby’, or ‘local waste provider’. Optimising your business for Local SEO means that customers ready to make a purchase find you before your competition.

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