Is your website full of old pages and blog posts that haven’t been updated in months, or even years? Then updating content should be your priority. Your old content is more valuable than possible new content to you when it comes to growing your organic traffic. This is because it takes less time to optimise an old post, rather than create and optimise a new post. This process is Content Freshness. We identify high potential articles on your website and research the right way to optimise your content. After this we update the content for you so you don’t need to worry about .

How does this help your business? Having great quality recent information on your website means Google will favour your content, ranking it higher (if optimised) in search. Not only this but visitors to your website will know they are consuming timely information so they will like it. Content Freshness will lead to more engagement with your content, an increase in organic traffic, and more leads for your business. This process can increase organic traffic to articles by between 40-60%. So if you optimise one article a week, Content Freshness can significantly expand your overall website traffic.

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