Content marketing is becoming a very lonely space. The amount of content created in a normal day is colossal but the value that it provides for anyone is minimal. Thanks to Google and SEO, companies plagise content from each other, slightly changing the content. We learned this through college though. How many times in college did you copy and paste someone else’s work and slightly change the content so as not to suffer from plagiarism? This is what the content marketing professionals of the world are doing at scale for the most part. I will say though that there are value blogs out there that do not do this, and I appreciate their morals. What is my hypothesis, thoughts, conclusion?

Hypothesis – that is businesses only wrote about what they are experts in, and only hired expert writers to create content, there would be less content but more engaging content. The content would be less focused on beginner content (rant about how beginner content is all that is easy to find online) and the ratio of beginner to other levels of knowledge on the subject would be more stretched. 

Thoughts – This would be healthy in society as we would have valuable content that people can upskill in. People would be able to think about a subject subjectively, with enough information to build a healthy argument and understanding that is different to the status quo.

Conclusion – We need to stop this creating content for the sake of it crap. If a writer is not an expert in the area then they have no business writing and researching the content in the first place. There are people who haven’t gotten a degree in a subject that can talk about it in great detail. This is fine. But content writers that spend a few hours researching a subject, ripping other people’s ideas from the articles, and rehashing them –this needs to stop. 

Why? Because no one needs hundreds of articles talking about what is email marketing — we just need one. Well maybe four or five to get different perspectives, but we don’t need 3010000000 results for sure!