I went to write an article about digital marketing ebooks. I thought it would be easy to write a listicle article by just looking at other articles, vetting the ebooks, and seeing what is on offer. I quickly learnt that this was not the case.

Ahref search for 'digital marketing eBooks'

I found some of the articles were about ebooks in the digital marketing sphere, i.e. they were on PPC, content marketing, SEO, etc but not on digital marketing as a whole. I found only one was published in 2020.

One was published in 2011!!! That is 9 years ago. Even the URL has 2011 in it so it hasn’t been updated. Digital marketing has changed so much since then that this ebook cannot still be relevant.

Okay yes some of the content has to be relevant but things have changed so much in the span of 9 years that the content is not reliable anymore. What about Instagram and TikTok? These two channels are super important to social media. If they are missing from your strategy and you are a young youthful brand you will miss a huge opportunity.

There are 9 listicles in the SERP for digital marketing ebooks and only one of them lists a recently written ebook. Most were written between 2015-2018. Has your digital marketing knowledge changed much since 2018? Mine has enough to know I cannot trust the content in an ebook from 2018.

Have you found a good digital marketing eBook that was published in 2019 or 2020? Please tell me about it