Being data driven sucks as we don’t understand what data is anymore. Sure a data analyst looks at numbers to understand the trends behind them but that is not the only data we have at our disposal. Content – research and reports – are available to us and we ignore this data. 

Data analysts are at the forefront of jobs at the minute because mining large databases is complex, requiring coding knowledge, also understanding numbers is a well-honed skill that requires education and experience. If you’ve been to school though you should be able to read reports and understand the basic rationale behind them, therefore you don’t need someone to read and summarise this information for you.

We are missing valuable insight and information as we think we can just look at the numbers and they will tell us the right story. But how many times has the same dataset been analysed by different people who have come to different conclusions, or understood the data to mean something else??? We see what we want to see. Therefore we need to read a dataset and research the subject immensely before we make a decision. It is not enough to just look at a dataset and make a data driven decision. 

Think about when you were in college (if you went). How many sources did you need for essays – at least three to five for 2,500 words, I would hope. This should be the same when you are researching something. You should be looking up arguments from many different standpoints and understand what you are researching enough that you can search comprehensively before you reach a consensus. One simple search and reading through the results gives you a glance at a topic. But hours of research gives you knowledge that can make a difference. 

We can no longer think critically (critical thinking), we read one report and believe this to be the case because a ‘high authority’ website wrote it. But who chose who is high authority???? GOOGLE!!! We school the system many times so we know that we cannot trust this, but we lie to ourselves and say we can.