What is a Content Syndicate System?

This is what blogs that write on content that it is not an expert on are. When you pay a content writer to research and write on a topic they are not well versed in they are syndicating content and not adding any new thoughts or value to the content. Therefore it is a complex content syndication system.

Everyone Says the Same Shit by Ted Bauer

If you want to publish content but you are not good at writing, it is completely okay for you to write down your thoughts and give it to someone to collate and turn into an article. 

Journalists are great at researching content. Even though they don’t study a subject they can write about the topic in a valuable way as they have studied about how to research and write about subjects. Content writers, on the other hand, are not the same. They haven’t studied the subject they are writing about or journalism, in order to understand how to add value.

Nothing will kill your business faster than dull conformity by sonia simona

There are content writers that have studied the subject they are writing about, or journalism but most content writers are freelancers looking to work in anything in order to make a buck. These are the people I am talking about. These are the content syndicators that add no value to content marketing and make it hard for knowledgable smaller businesses to rank well.

Google should be trying to identify and block this content but it is hard to identify it. Maybe plagiarism is not the right term to call this violation. Maybe we should be looking for patterns in content or language. 

Machine learning and content automation is only adding to the problem. These systems literally crawl the content already available online and syndicate it together into another article. Where is the value in spending time creating this technology?

Summary — we should be hiring journalists or subject matter experts to write our content.

What are your thoughts? Have you used journalists or subject matter experts that haven’t worked out?