What is SEO Content and How It Can Grow Your Marketing

what is seo content? image by Samanta Hurley

SEO content is only one element of a digital marketing strategy but if organic traffic is your main source of traffic or conversions it can be your most successful and all encompassing element to invest in. 

What is SEO Content? 

SEO content is any pieces of content which has been created primarily to attract search engine traffic but whose information is important to your visitors. This could include product pages, informative blogs, solution pages, etc, which outline the value of your website to the customer or highlight how a visitor can solve the problem they have. 

5 Ways SEO Content Can Fit Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Blogs, eBooks, Podcast, etc.

Content that is most associated with SEO are blogs. Long form content like articles and eBooks are relatively easy to create once you have a team who can create content consistently. Adding SEO guidelines where writers know what they need to do in order to optimise their content is the ideal way to start creating SEO content. Merging a well thought out SEO strategy with your content strategy can ensure that your content is noticed on all the marketing channels available to you.

2. Website and Imagery

Your website is made up of many pages that can be optimised for search engines, not just your blog. Does your about us or contact us page have a strategy behind it. You can build a strong website where most/all pages have SEO value and can rank well on Google and other search engines for these. 

3. Email and Social Media

Email and Social Media can include SEO content also, especially if you publish ezines on your website. Ensuring that content is consistent across all platforms is hugely important and that is why you need to pay attention to content that you write in email campaigns and social media platforms. For social media the use of keywords as hashtag items can help your content remain relevant and using meta descriptions as the basis for intro paragraphs within emails and social media can ensure that people click on links and get what they expect.

4. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can take a lot of time and require you to be a domain specialist in a certain area but it can really help you create SEO content that will help your website rank higher on SERPs. Identify three or four topics that you would like to be a domain expert in and then start identifying third party publishers who will publish your content and potential articles to write for these platforms. Once these articles start to get published your inbound links will increase and your page authority on the linked pages will increase. This should see you climb the SERPs to sit among all the top performing companies in your chosen area. 

5. Ad Content

Just like ezines and social media, ad copy needs to be consistent with the website and the messaging across the website. Aside from this in order to improve quality scores in Google Ads the keywords identified in campaigns are hugely important. This means that it is important to talk directly with you SEO team before creating ad copy for an existing webpage as they can give you insight into what keywords are present, search terms that people use to get to the website and other important information that can help get a best performance for advertising.

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