SEO Strategy Meetup: Keyword Research Event

Anja Basaric

Held on April 14th, our Keyword Research event was a full house with people arriving from across Ireland to learn all about this critical SEO activity. Anja Basaric was our teacher for the day. With over six years of experience in keyword research both in-house and agency based, she was the best person to walk us through the techniques and strategies to adopt for successful SEO campaigns. To start the event off, Anja ran through slides which outlined basic keyword research, like how keywords factor into SEO, how Google and other search engines use keywords to identify relevant content for search terms, where to begin keyword research, tools to use and Anja’s process of carrying out keyword research.

After walking through a quick example of executing keyword research on an attendee’s website, all present were broken into groups of four to carry out their own research under the watchful eye of Anja. Each team chose a company before beginning to use tools like Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner and Answer the Public to identify themes and keywords to build around web pages on these company websites. This exercise brought up many questions and interesting observations about the companies chosen to research on. One observation that spurred much conversation was around the difficulty of performing keyword research and content creation for big department stores like Debenhams or Brown Thomas who have a significant number of similar products, which after brand names, it is tough to differentiate. Not only this but these websites have very little content on their product pages, so it is not accessible to identify keywords or optimise content for them. The conversation turned to discuss the importance of branding, link building and advertising to increase traffic to these pages as pure keyword content would not be enough.

After a grueling 45-minute session carrying out their own research, attendees came together again to learn about what happens after initial keyword research. This includes writing content for pages (e.g. copy, meta-information, etc.), building marketing and sales campaigns around identified keywords, and how to analyse keyword research to identify possible gaps in the market.

The groups then separated again to look at the keywords that they identified in the first session and discover how they could create a marketing campaign for one theme and determine what types of marketing would be involved. Groups found content creation hugely important, not just written content but video, audio, and visual content to push the message that they created to their target audience. This exercise aimed to show the importance of consistent language and messaging across all marketing platforms so that leads and customers do not get confused or mislead unintentionally.

This session concluded with each team presenting their research to the others and showcasing their ingenuity regarding incorporating keywords into marketing campaigns.

Keyword Research SEO Strategy Event

This event was celebrated by identifying how vital keyword research is to SEO, from the start to the end of any campaign. It was clear from talking to attendees who worked in the areas of marketing and content creation that many people understand that content needs to be created consistently in order to become a recognised thought-leader in a field and to rank well in search engines, but we fall-down in trying to understand how to do valuable keyword research. This leads to companies creating content they think would be great for their audience without knowing for definite that this is the case. Keyword research can help you build a content calendar that is customer-focused, so you know you are creating valuable content that people want to read.

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