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Creating SEO Strategies

Thursday, February 1st and it is the first meetup of 2018. What makes this meetup even more unique is that it is the first guest speaker to join our SEO Strategy meetup. John O’Brien, our speaker, currently works as Content Marketing Manager for one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies – Glanbia Foods. He also has experience consulting with companies on how to implement SEO strategies for success.

With the biggest turn out at an event so far AIB Bank on Grafton street was packed for this event, and the energy in the room was high. Starting off with a quick introduction to what SEO is and how SEO strategies fits into marketing, John was not shy about getting into the nitty-gritty of how to begin crafting SEO strategies.

The outline of his presentation included:

  • Tactics do not constitute a strategy
  • Where do you begin?
  • The Power of Keywords
  • The 4 Key Components
  • Your Strategy Document
  • Getting Buy-in
  • Resources
  • Budget
  • Owned, Earned and Paid Media
  • SEO Tools
  • Learning and Skills Development
  • Key Takeaways

My key takeaways were how to use data analysis to make informed decisions about your strategy and the importance of getting buy-in from c-level employees. John emphases the need to rationalise your plan, not from a marketing or SEO point of view, but from the company’s goals and objectives for the year if you need management to believe in it. Not everyone understands the value of marketing, so you need to speak to them on their level for them to understand you and your strategy.

John included a very insightful slide about the many forms of marketing that a strategy can have and where they fit within the Paid, Owned and Earned Media side of marketing which made trying to create a strategy easier when budget and resources are an issue.

Regarding learning and development, John stays true to all influencers of Digital Marketing when he stated that you have to keep upskilling and reading. He mentioned the variety of free courses that Hubspot and Google (among others) provide, and also some books and online resources that can keep you up-to-date in the SEO industry.

I thoroughly enjoyed John’s presentation. He was clear and concise and gave actionable insight that I could implement in the week after the event. I am very much looking forward to future events. You can flick through John O’Brien’s presentation slides here – Creating your first SEO strategy presentation.

If you have any questions about how to craft your first SEO strategy no matter how long your company has been in business fill out our contact form and we can help you begin

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