What is Evergreen Content?

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is content that, once written, is always relevant. It gets its name from evergreen trees that retain their leaves all year long. This type of content is pertinent and doesn’t have an expiry date. The value for readers remains the same for years, and the benefit to the owner is that content will continue to be applicable. 

How do You Make Evergreen Content?

There are four key steps to creating evergreen content that will be successful in your industry.

1. Choose a Popular Topic

Evergreen content is information that people search for regularly and will continue to. To find topics of this nature you can use tools like Google Trends or Google Autocomplete. As you are an expert in your area you will be able to tell if the topics are trending, evergreen, or stale. 

2. Gather Current Data

Once you have decided on a topic you will need to research as much about the subject as possible. Look for recent statistics, news stories, or influencer chatter. Ensure that you are reporting the most up-to-date information possible. If you cannot find this information, you can carry out your own research by surveying your customers or the public. 

3. Create Representative Content

Sometimes content is great in short-form, other times in long-form, or maybe a visual format is better. Look at what other companies are doing and see who is doing it best. Copy their format and do better. This is a sure strategy for success. 

4. Freshen Content Annually

The main subject of evergreen content will stay the same but everything else changes over time. This is why it is important to freshen up your content annually with up-to-date information. That way your readers will trust your content to be the best. There is nothing worse than reading an article with statistics from five years back in it!

What is The Opposite of Evergreen Content?

The opposite of evergreen content would be a post that can quickly become obsolete or out-of-date after only a short period of time. The term time-sensitive content is also used for it. Examples of non-evergreen content include breaking news stories or articles about the latest trends in an industry. 

Why is It Important?

Evergreen content provides a lot of benefits to your business over normal content, which can go stale over time. Some of these benefits are:

  • It requires less work to maintain: Content like this doesn’t need to be rewritten every year, it only requires some updates that take a portion of the time. 
  • It gets higher search engine rankings: As the content is popular it will receive more traffic that normal posts and will drive regular organic traffic also.
  • It generates more leads over time: Articles that are evergreen will not go stale so they will continue to generate leads years after going live.
  • It supports a long-term SEO strategy: Evergreen content is long-term focused so you can rely on the content to continually do well.
  • It accumulates more backlinks: Traditional content normally receives a small amount of backlinks before it goes stale, your evergreen content backlink profile will keep growing. 

Common Evergreen Formats

The variety of content formats below lend themselves to become evergreen more than other formats, but they are not the only formats to use. For instance, instructional videos, providing useful information like “how to change a tire”, have more chances to become evergreen than a less practical video like “why tires exist”. Some common evergreen formats include:

  1. Listicles
  2. Top tips
  3. How-to content
  4. Product reviews
  5. Instructional videos

Examples of Evergreen Content

Below are some examples of evergreen content that produce lasting results. You can see from some of them how important updating them annually will be. These examples are only a few of the strategies that companies are using to create high-quality content that performs year after year. 

  • White Papers
  • Subject Matter Wiki
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Complete Guides
  • The History of a Topic 
  • Trends for 2020

Tips for Writing Timely Content

There are different ways to make your article evergreen. You can follow these four steps to achieve this goal:

  • Answer Customer Frequently Asked Questions
  • Provide Explanations or How To Content
  • Demystify Industry Jargon
  • Commission a Survey on a Topic

Evergreen Content is Here to Stay

It is a no brainer. Adding evergreen content to your SEO strategy will earn you consistent traffic all year round. You cannot afford to ignore the true value of this form of content. With the many benefits to establishing this bounty of knowledge for your reader easily within your grasp, it is time to put some energy into topic research.

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