SEO Strategy Meetup: The Dark Art of SEO

Dark Art of SEO March

Hosted in AIB Bank on Grafton Street, this month’s meetup was presented by Nicolas Derico, the Marketing Manager at Foxit Software’s SDK Business Unit. Talking about the Dark Art of SEO, Nic aimed to discuss how to achieve search engine domination even with a limited budget, time and resources.

As the rain began to fall, attendees showed up in dribs and drabs to learn more about SEO. Nicolas started with his experience, from working in small startups to opening his own marketing agency, and finally to joining Foxit Software as the Marketing Manager, portraying his involvement in numerous different sectors and level of business. After a summary of what his business unit did and the value of the SDK business to the whole company, he moved onto to explain the strategy that he carried out in Debenu before it was taken over by Foxit Software in 2016.

Briefly speaking this strategy was:

  • Identify Niche areas to target for customers
  • Create custom pages which describe the solution for these niche areas
  • Write blog posts about the most common issues that customers have with the products mentioning the niche areas
  • Measure results to ensure that your strategy is working

At the end of all the marketing departments hard work and sleepless nights Nic described the strategy success as Search Engine Domination as for all niche keywords that the campaign outlined, Debenu ranked among the top five results at least once. For some keywords, they were the only results on the first page because of product pages, blog posts and third-party articles written about the products.

After the presentation, there were many questions about how business owners present could capitalise the way that Debenu did and the long-term effect of creating numerous pages and keeping track of them. We were delighted to have Nicolas as part of the meetup. The engagement level among the group was high on the night and feedback was excellent.

To learn more about this presentation view the slides – The Dark Art of SEO. If you have any questions please fill in the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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