6 Things You Can Do With Your Business During COVID19

6 Things You Can Do With Your Business During COVID19

With the uncertain times we live in, it is hard to know what to do with our online businesses. Whether you cannot sell online anymore because your suppliers are no longer operating, you cannot deliver to your most prominent markets, or something else is holding you back, there are still things you can do to strengthen your business for the future. Here are 6 things you can do during COVID19 that will help your business when restrictions are lifted. 

1. Improve your social media marketing

Now is the time to spend your energy investing in your social media following. Whether that means starting a Facebook group, weekly Instagram Live video updates, or simply talking to your followers more through your social media channels you are hone your communication skills during this lockdown for your own advantage.
Spending time finding groups and forums that people are using actively to talk about issues that your product or service provides a solution to, means that you can learn from your customers, and talk directly to them. Now is the time to connect closely with your customers so they know you appreciate them.

2. Provide excellent in-class customer service

Although sales might be down, customers still need customer service for many different reasons. Taking the time to talk to your customers now can lead to happier customers that return again and again. Hubspot mentioned that 67% of customers are more likely to spend more with your brand when they experience good customer service. Companies who provide great customer service, earn life long customers who always come back and trust your opinions.

3. Build Your Business online reviews

Maybe business is quiet and you don’t have customers contacting you, but that doesn’t mean you cannot contact them and ask them to review your services. Whether you are asking for a Yelp review, a Google My Business review, or a Facebook review, social proof is hugely important in Ireland for many different industries.
You may be a restaurant, local dressmakers, or a national sporting goods shop. Regardless of your industry investing time now in building your reviews will mean positive results in the future.

4. Win at product photography

Now that your brick and mortar store is closed for a while it is the opportune time to set up a photography corner and start taking snaps of everything you sell. Even if you only have your smartphone, with some well placed lights, and some creativity, you can take great product photographs that you can share over social media, and other promotional channels.
Maybe you were planning a new product launch? Why not do a creative photo shoot for it, tease it out to your following, and build some hype before you open again. You could even take early orders to gauge interest in your product.

5. Increase your product offering

Speaking of new product launches, this is the perfect time to think of potential products you can add to your range. Maybe you have been thinking of branching into new areas of products but never had the time to research them. Now is the time to research products, suppliers, and interest.
You can even share your future plans with your followers and ask their opinions through a Twitter or online survey. Engaged customers are more inclined to buy from you, especially when they have been part of the decision making process.

6. Plan for the future

And finally, now is the time to take a breath and think about the future. When you started your business you probably didn’t envisage the way it turned out. The Irish government has pledged money to keep businesses open across Ireland. If you are thinking of moving your physical store online you can take the time to invest in this change now. Or maybe now is the time to take a step back from your business for a few weeks, and take this time to destress before ramping up again.

Regardless of whether the lockdown lasts another two weeks, or two months now is the time to take stock of your mental health, and the health of your business, and plan to achieve more in the future. If you are interested in local SEO services contact us today.

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